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May 2012

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I have to throw in my two cents. So when Gabe was first born, I was utterly terrified of the thought of having to breastfeed in public, even with a cover. The recent "controversy" has changed my mind about this. People keep
saying, "The issue isn't breastfeeding, it's doing it this way or that way." That statement alone is indicative of the animosity and disdain our culture harbors not just for nursing women but for women in general, who by the virtue of their physiology engage in vulgarity and disgrace, and purportedly must give this up to be seen as professionals. I'm really sorry I don't pee standing up, either. We cannot continue to see motherhood (breast or bottle wise) and a profession as mutually exclusive roles for women. Breastfeeding is a healthy habit that should be encouraged and respected, and let's be real here--if a baby is hungry, you feed him or her wherever you are and no matter what you're wearing or if you forgot your cardigan to cover up. That, or you can listen to my baby scream, and no one wants that. Finally, I have to tack on (because you know that pink stuff makes me nuts) that we have this crazy reverence and openness toward breasts and saving ta-tas when ravaged by breast cancer that is completely abandoned in the discourse about breastfeeding, even though breastfeeding has been shown to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. What do you know? I feel so grateful that I have entered into a healthcare profession where breastfeeding does not degrade me as a professional and has even earned me respect in the eyes of my peers. There is nothing disgraceful about nourishing a child and promoting your own health at the same time. These women are amazing.


Amen! It makes me sick how much society has shamed women for our bodies - what irony, NONE OF YOU WOULD EXIST if it weren't for us and our "dirty" parts. People are just so warped and twisted. Bravo to you for standing up for what's right for you and Gabe, and both of your health!
This was really powerfully written! SO SO GOOD. You really made my day.